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  • Care Tips for Gold Jewelry
  • When it comes to gold, we suggest that do not wear them while bathing, because although the soap won't harm gold, it will leave a filmy residue. This will result in your gold jewelry to appear less shiny and dingy.
    Do not let your gold come into contract with chlorine.

    Do not wear gold jewelry in the pool or hot tub.

    Take off your jewelry when cleaning with i.e. bleach or other harsh cleaners. Chlorine reacts with negatively with gold. This is especially for true at high temperatures. If you gold is exposure to chlorine, it can permanently damage and discolor your gold jewelry permanently.

    Use a chamois cloth to clean gold jewelry. A chamois cloth is a soft pliable cloth that is gentle and safe for recovering the luster to your jewelry.

    Avoid exposing you gold jewelry to hard or abrasive materials. Gold is a very soft metal and will easily scratch.  This can occur just by rubbing against other jewelry.

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